Audiovisual is responsible for the church sound and video. They are responsible for the set up and maintenance of equipment along with the operation of the sound system during regular services and special events such as revivals.  This ministry is also responsible for the recording and duplication of worship services.  An audio and video library is kept of all programs and services.

The director is Deacon Stephen Anderson.

Music Ministry

Music Ministry

          Sanctuary Choir

          Mission's Choir

          Youth Choir

The Minster of music is Brother Eric Bridges
The director of is Sister Rhonda Searles-Mansion

Education Ministry

Sunday School

MOBC’s goal is to provide biblical instruction to the whole family. MOBC believes strong families make strong churches.  Sunday school ministry is for all ages. Classes are available for participants from ages 3 to adult. We invite you to come and grow with us in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.   Classes meet on Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

The director is Deaconess Angie Bookman.  

Vacation Bible School (V.B.S)

The director of the vacation bible school ministry is Sis. Bridgette Walton.


MOBC endeavors to reward its members who accomplish educational achievements in high school and college. MOBC supports its college student members with a monthly stipend, gift baskets during final exams, and a gift at graduation.

Performance Ministry


Praise Dance

Contact Sis. Sis. LaToya Sowell/font>





Culinary Ministry

Culinary Ministry

Culinary provides food for the body and promotes fellowship for the soul. They are to provide breakfast every Sunday for the children attending Sunday school.  They prepare meals for special services such as Church Anniversary, Women’s Worship Service, Men’s Day, Pastor’s Anniversary, funerals and for special fellowshipping event with a visiting church on Sunday.

The director is Sis. Elma Jones.

Outreach Ministry


Mission is an inreach and outreach ministry. Biweekly they come together to learn and explore the word of God.  Quarterly they visit area nursing homes sharing God's word with the sick and shut in.

The director is Sis. Elsie White


The director position is currently open.  Contact Deacon L. Bookman.

Intercessory Prayer

"Pray Without Ceasing” 1Thessalonians 5:17

All Christians are called to be intercessors. Through this ministry, we pray to God on the behalf of others. We pray for the pastor(s), church (es), families, children, leaders, our country, the sick, and the lost.

The director is Deacon Mark Jenkins

Willing Workers

Adult Ushers

The director is Deacon Brian Rollins.

Senior Saints

The director is Sis. Linda Magee.  Contact


The director is Sis. L. Holmes.

Media Ministry
The director is Deacon Stephen Anderson.


The director ministry is Sis. L. Sowell.

Women Ministries

Women of M.O.B.C (W.O.M.)

Women of  M.O.B.C. (W.O.M) endeavor to grow into God fearing women who trust God with every life challenge.  Members come together to minister, share successes, and lessons learned with others who may be experiencing identical or similar challenges. W.O.M meets twice a month on 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 6:00 pm. 

Contact Sis. Delila Rollins.

Women of Excellence

Women of Excellence develop women leaders in the church.  WOE meet monthly to study and discuss leadership skill building that will benefit the body of Christ.  WOE learn to exemplify characteristics that are becoming of a true woman of God.


The director is Sis. Angie Bookman

Youth Ministry

The director is Stephen Anderson

Sis. Bridget Walton Sis. Annette Sowell Sis. Rhonda Searles-Mansion Sis. Lula Sowell Sis. Deborah Sims