Becoming A Core Committed Christian

Acts 2:42-47; Luke 9:18-27


Great Churches start with a great commitment to Christian growth from its core individuals.  Any organization is only as good as its individual parts, so a churches commitment to excellence only comes after individuals decide to make a commitment to individual Christian “excellence.”  In this sermon, we discovered that every one is committed to something as it pertains to Christianity.  We also had the opportunity to evaluate how committed each of us are individually to a growing relationship with Christ, and learned 4 requirements of Christian commitment that we can begin to implement in our lives as followers of Christ.  If we commit ourselves to individual Christian commitment, our church will be better suited to carry out the Great Commission and Great Commandment in our community. 


5 Catagories of Commitment (”)


Community person --  This person lives apart from Christ.  They are committed to not attending church.


Crowd person --  This person is committed to attending church and hearing about Christ.


Congregation person --  This person is committed to developing a relationship with Christ and with others.


Committed person --  This person is committed to spiritual habits – they are growing in Christ.


Core person --  This person is committed to doing ministry – they are serving because of Christ.


What do these 5 people have in common?  They are all COMMITTED to something. 



Our goal as a church:  To reach out to those that live apart from Christ and are not committed to attending church, those COMMUNITY PEOPLE and minister to them, invite them to church, help them to make a decision for Jesus, help them grow, becoming more and more committed to Jesus, all the way to the point that they discover their ministry, becoming CORE PEOPLE, and then head back out into the world to find more COMMUNITY PEOPLE that need to experience the love of Jesus. 


LUKE 9:18-27


4 requirements to becoming a CORE COMMITTED CHRISTIAN.


1.  CORE COMMITTED CHRISTIANS don’t see Jesus as the rest of the world sees Him. (v. 18-20)


2.  CORE COMMITTED CHRISTIANS deny themselves. (v. 23)


3.  CORE COMMITTED CHRISTIANS take up their cross. (v. 23)


4.  CORE COMMITTED CHRISTIANS truly follow Jesus.  (v. 23)


Concluding story (taken from “Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks”):

A chicken and a pig were walking down the street one day and noticed some poor children who looked as if they hadn’t eaten anything for days.


Moved with compassion, the chicken said to the pig, “I have an idea!  Let’s give those children a nice breakfast of ham and eggs.” 


The pig contemplated the chicken’s suggestion and said, “Well, for you that would involve a small sacrifice; but for me, it would involve total commitment.” 


The church today is full of chickens, willing to make small sacrifices, such as attendance and even giving. 


What the church needs today is a bunch of pigs, totally committed to God’s Kingdom work here on earth. 


Becoming a great church requires great commitment out of individual disciples, that when joined together will greatly resemble what we see at the end of Acts 2. 


We need CORE COMMITTED CHRISTIANS who don’t see Him as the rest of the world see Him, who deny themselves, who are willing to take up their cross daily, and who are willing to truly follow Jesus. 

Have a Blessed day

Pastor Amos C Sowell